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product manager, former dev, IoT geek, #webPerf nerd, internaut // formerly at @thinkful


A web performance tool aimed to help developers find critical performance issues.

Size: 444 KB - Last synced: 4 days ago - Pushed: about 4 years ago


Script used to remind students and the mentor of the days sessions.

Size: 642 KB - Last synced: 4 days ago - Pushed: about 8 years ago

itsMattShull/ninja-presentation Fork of viniciusalmeida/ninja-presentation

Do not be fooled. You do not have to be a ninja to use this toolkit for slides presentation!

Size: 1.5 MB - Last synced: 6 days ago - Pushed: over 7 years ago


A Polymer web component to serve up placeholder images.

Size: 434 KB - Last synced: 3 days ago - Pushed: almost 8 years ago


Polymer web component that takes a name, email, and message and processes it using AJAX.

Size: 238 KB - Last synced: 10 days ago - Pushed: over 8 years ago


A project management tool designed to keep people on task through multiple projects.

Size: 141 KB - Last synced: 4 days ago - Pushed: about 8 years ago

itsMattShull/node-midi-controller Fork of sksmatt/NodeJS-Ableton-Piano

Using the browser as a MIDI controller.

Size: 4.92 MB - Last synced: 8 days ago - Pushed: over 7 years ago


The next evolution of the starter kit I use for new projects.

Size: 1.79 MB - Last synced: 15 days ago - Pushed: about 2 months ago